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Neel Sundaresan

Head of eBay Research Labs

Neel Sundaresan has been with eBay since 2005 and is a senior director and head of eBay Research Labs. He has over 50 research publications and over 60 patents to his credit. Neel is been a frequent speaker at national and international technology conferences. His research include Social and incentive networks, Trust and reputation systems, Economics of eCommerce, and Large data science and Machine learning problems in eCommerce. Prior to joining eBay Neel was a founder and CTO of a startup focused on multi-attribute fuzzy search and network CRM. Before that he was the head of the eMerging Internet Technologies group at the IBM Almaden Research Center where he was one of the early leaders in building XML technologies including the first XML-based search engine. He led research work in other areas like domain specific search engines, multi-modal interfaces and assistive technologies, semantic transcoding, web mining, and classification for semi-structured data. His PhD dissertation from Indiana University, Bloomington, is in the area of compiler and run time systems for modeling control and data parallelism for large scale scientific problems. He has a degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

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