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Marco Gori

University of Siena, Italy

Marco Gori received the Ph.D. degree in 1990 from Universitá di Bologna, Italy, working partly at the School of Computer Science (McGill University, Montreal). In 1992, he became an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Universitá di Firenze and, in November 1995, he joint the Universitá di Siena, where he is currently full professor of computer science.

His main interests are in machine learning with applications to pattern recognition, Web mining, and game playing. He is especially interested in bridging logic and learning and in the connections between symbolic and sub-symbolic representation of information. He is the leader of the WebCrow project for automatic solving of crosswords, that outperformed human competitors in an official competition which took place within the ECAI-06 conference. As a follow up of this grand challenge, he founded QuestIt, a spin-off company of the University of Siena, working in the field of question-answering. He is co-author of the book "Web Dragons: Inside the myths of search engines technologies," Morgan Kauffman (Elsevier), 2006.

Dr. Gori serves (has served) as an Associate Editor of a number of technical journals related to his areas of expertise, he has been the recipient of best paper awards, and keynote speakers in a number of international conferences. He was the Chairman of the Italian Chapter of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, and the President of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence. He is in the list of top Italian scientists kept by VIA-Academy (http://www.topitalianscientists.org/top_italian_scientists.aspx) based on the h-index and he is a fellow of the ECCAI and of the IEEE.

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